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Original and colorful eyewear for women and men

Original and colorful eyewear for women and men Bloomdale Eyewear is a successful and trendy Dutch eyewear label founded in 2015. Based in Rosmalen, Brabant, we design a broad, colorful, and original collection of eyewear for women and men of all ages. Our eyewear is available at more than 400 independent opticians in the Netherlands and at more than 2,500 independent parties in 24 other countries within and outside Europe. Several times a year we produce a collection under our own label and in addition we design collections under private label for our customers at home and abroad. 

Bloomdale Eyewear

Original designs from The Netherlands

Bloomdale Eyewear stands for cheerful and trendy colors, original shapes and fine details. Glasses that are wearable by a wide audience, but also just that little bit different. Our models are made of high quality and light materials, which ensures comfortable and long wearing pleasure. For example, we mainly use Mazzucchelli acetate from Italy, Japanese stainless steel with a nickel-free coating and soft silicone nose pads from Germany. 

Dutch designs Bloomdale Eyewear
Beursstand Bloomdale Eyewear op de OPTI in München 2020

Independent opticians and private label

Bloomdale worldwide

Bloomdale Eyewear was founded in 2015 and is now available at over 400 independent points of sale in the Netherlands. In addition, our eyewear is distributed worldwide - also private label - to 24 countries. And we are still growing daily! The glasses from Bloomdale Eyewear have original shapes, deep colors, and vibrant patterns, but at the same time they are commercial and easy to sell at a competitive price. That is exactly what makes our eyewear so attractive!

Beursstand Bloomdale Eyewear op de OPTI in München 2020

Comfortable and long-wearing

Optimal service and quality

Good quality is the basis. Our models are made of high-quality and lightweight materials, which ensures comfortable and long wearing pleasure. But a high level of service is just as important to us! We offer a two-year warranty on our models, offer the possibility of consignment on approval and we deliver mainly from our own stock. Even loose parts are shipped the same day. And through our marketing materials, we offer opticians optimal support in sales

Design afdeling Bloomdale Eyewear

Meet our team

The Bloomdale Eyewear team

The team at Bloomdale Eyewear consists of passionate professionals who are responsible for designing, selling and shipping our collection of women's and men's eyewear on a daily basis. Meet our team! We would love to talk to you.

Armand van Lingen eigenaar Bloomdale Eyewear
Armand van Lingen
Owner & Design

Inga van Haren

Patrick Sliepen

Floris van Lingen
Sales Medewerker

Saskia Strobbe
Website & Support

Mobiel: +31 (0)6 4670 64 56 

Lambert van Druenen
Agent southern Netherlands

Mobile: +31 (0)6 21 55 68 90

Raymond Busscher
Agent northern Netherlands

Mobile: +31 (0)6 4674 43 10

Sokhin Mong
Export Manager Asia

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